Lessons On Fruitfulness From Our Little Yard

​About four years ago I did the thing I had begun to wish I’d done eleven years before when we first moved into our little house as newlyweds.  I planted some fruit trees, bushes, and perenial fruit plants on our postage stamp sized lot, even though I didn’t know how much longer we would stay… Continue reading Lessons On Fruitfulness From Our Little Yard

Dance in the Dark


Sometimes it is dark down here.  Your feet hit the floor in the morning with a thud instead of a bounce in your step.  There are more questions than answers, and everything is unraveling around you.  God is a mystery.  He’s good, but His ways confound us sometimes when we’re sowing in tears.  Sometimes the reaping is hidden from us for a time.
We’re made from dust, and sometimes the crushing leaves us feeling like the finest dust again.  Crushing had at least left us in shards in the past, but who can count the pieces to the broken we become, much less put it back together again?

Right there in that place of not knowing, when you feel His breath, dance in the dark.  Dance out of the grip of every vile thing that has tried to wrap itself around you.  Dance when you can barely stand.  Dance when no one’s watching, because heaven is.  Hell is, too.  The thunder of your footsteps reminds death that it’s days are numbered, that Love already won.

Now I know that sometimes it feels foolish, and only the Spirit can breathe dance winds over us.  See how Jesus rushes into your faltering steps and takes the lead.  If your feet won’t go, next time there is a song in your heart, even if it’s just a little line, sing it out.  Praise Him here, because it’s true that He’s good.  That’s how Jericho’s walls fell and how Paul and Silas got their get out of jail free card.  You need out, He needs in, or both.  Offer the sacrifice of praise, it’s a key that opens the door you’ve been knocking on.  Just see what He does.  It’s not a formula, just a mystery so sweet, a stream in this wasteland that will quench your thirst.

Dance in the lonely silence, and find His arms are holding you. He’s already saved the day.  You can weep there, too, and let all that battle-weariness out. He will hold your tears and sorrows and carry them like no one else.  Somehow you know that weeping will just be for a night.  You’re not staying here.  He’s leading you out.  Knowing He’s catching your tears and crying with you brings you right back into hope.

When you’re feeling outnumbered, release worship.  In the spirit we begin to see that there are more for us than against us, and there will always be.  When you dance in the dark, you begin to see things for what they really are.  We are never, no never defeated.  We may get knocked down, but we’re never out. We were dust when He first brought Life to us, and He can re-create us again.  His thoughts of us are more than the grains of sand on the seashore.  This crushed dust has a golden hue.  The Potter will re-form us.

When we surrender in dance, we give Him the worship He deserves, receive courage to pray and fight again. And fight we will. We see what we’re fighting for clearer now.  Vision is restored.  It’s not about us, much more is at stake.  There’s a Kingdom cause, generations and souls to be won. There’s a tide that is turning, that creation has been groaning for.  We’ve been invited into that.  Our offspring and all who follow will reap the the harvest of what we’ve sown.  They will not shrink back from the promise, because they’ve seen how His goodness met our barely-holding-on and made something beautiful. We look more and more like Him, and so will they.  We will leave an inheritance of Hope to carry them when hardship comes to them.  They will know their God and do mighty exploits. These struggles are training, not just for our hearts, but for those little people watching us, told to their little people watching them all the way to Kingdom come. This is how the virgins get their oil, by dancing in the dark, by being held here, by meeting Him in the waiting.  They will be ready for their Bridegroom.  They are His delight.

Dance, because your spirit man knows the truth, and dancing will bring your body, mind, and soul into alignment with your spirit and His.  When the Spirit leads, everything is set right, even if it’s still dark outside. Inside it’s radiant with Light. He who is in you will soon come out of you and change the atmosphere. Light is coming into the darkness, we send the invitation with our dance.

Dance, because Jesus likes a party.  He’s attracted to praise, sits Himself down right there.  When He’s in the room, everything changes.  You need a change, don’t you?  Me, too.  Come on, take my hand, let’s dance, and remind ourselves of what He’s already done and all He’s promised to do. He’s more real than all these troubles.  Our Deliverer is coming.  He is already here.

Make way, make way for the goodness of the Lord!  That’s what we do when we praise Him in our hard places, we’re getting rooms in our heart ready for His goodness, for a new birth. Respond to the rhythm of His heart.  If He reaches out to you, just take His hand, even if it’s still dark, and dance.

Photo credit: thinkpositive30.com